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Experimental short exploring the transition from childhood to adolescence. 

A young woman enters a vicious cycle as she attempts to kill off different versions of herself.

Facing the Distance follows the world's best blind golf players and shines light on the unique partnerships between players and their guides, on and off the course.  

After compulsively stealing coconut shrimps from the dorm fridge, Brady confides in a friend after he begins to receive threatening notes. 

Two creatures cross paths unexpectedly, leading them to form a deep connection. 

Avery attempts to retrace her steps through the in-between stage of life and death in order to discover her killer. 

Elliot and Beatrice reminisce on past memories the morning after their senior prom.

Elle feels unfulfilled by her colorless life and struggles to find the identity of a mysterious girl that reappears in her vibrant dreams.

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